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Hi there my name is Chris, I run the popular Thailand blog Living Thai and started this blog because a lack of information about Thailands best nightlife events. If you know of a big party going down then please Contact Us

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Bangkok massage outcall

Outcall massage services are very popular among the tourists as one can have the comforts of their own surroundings. I don’t know what kind of outcall massage service you’re looking for. But you can find anything and everything you need for a rejuvenating and relaxing room massage delivered to your Bangkok  hotel room by a […]

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Sadao Nightlife Thailand

One of the hottest nightlife spot in south Thailand is Sadao Actually it’s Sadao’s Danok which is the precinct of the area and border town. Since the latest bombs in Hat Yai many people from Malaysia, there is nothing like this on the other side of the border, they stay here for a few days to relax with massage, […]

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Hat Yai Nightlife

Hat Yai nightlife is so crazy fun! While there are a few lunatic Islamist less people are coming in, most moved to Sadao Danok at the border to Malaysia. The reason is simple, there most people are Malaysians and since the terror in south Thailand is controlled from the other side of the border it is rather […]

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Pattaya Walking Street

Pattaya Walking Street Nightlife Girls, Freelancer, Ladyboys, พัทยา 芭堤雅 Паттайя पटाया Pattaya walking street is one of the top Thailand nightlife mile with dozens of nightclubs, go-go bars, myriads of Thai and Russian girls who all try to pull money from the foreigners. With locals this is not organized, they just come and go as they […]

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Sexy Holiday

Thailand is the destination for sexy holiday there is no other country which can match. Sexy holiday in Thailand are exactly what many men are searching for it’s quite unique, although there are other destinations they cant match. But this might change in the near future there is new one in the region with a […]

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Bar Girls at Patong

Some of the hot stuff are Bar Girls at Patong Phuket’s Bangla road. There are myriads of Bar Girls at Patong, usually are go-go clubs where dozens of them laze around and wait for the big spender.

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Bar Girls in Bangkok

Bar Girls in Bangkok are working in the center of the country and that is for sure the biggest nightlife market in the country, all roads lead to the capital and there is a excellent road travel network by bus from everywhere in the country. This makes it easy to hop on a bus or […]

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Bar Girls in Sadao

Bar Girls in Sadao are totally dedicated to Malaysians,even at the bars, discos, nightclubs and restaurants they pay in Ringgits and not in Baht. The guys from across the border come here to pick up some girls or ladyboys in the discos or karaoke and bang them, thats the main idea. The next similar place where […]

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Bar Girls at Hat Yai

Bar Girls at Hat Yai are mainly serving Malaysian men. Bar Girls at Hat Yai dont have much business anymore since some lunatic Islamist had some bombs blasted in the city in 2012 business is down. Now the guys from Malaysia just stay at the border town which is Sadao Danok and spend their money there. […]

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Bar Girls in Pattaya

Bar Girls in Pattaya do exactly one thing entertain the foreigner. Bar girls in Pattaya entertaining the foreigners and try to get him and her into horizontal position for some sexy stuff.That really works, they nose thousands of tourists into this situation and the guys like it. The little problem is it becomes almost common […]

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