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One of the hottest nightlife spot in south Thailand is Sadao

Actually it’s Sadao’s Danok which is the precinct of the area and border town. Since the latest bombs in Hat Yai many people from Malaysia, there is nothing like this on the other side of the border, they stay here for a few days to relax with massage, karaoke and Thai girls.
karaoke and Thai bar girls
Karaoke and Thai bar girls
Over the last two years (2013) the number of entertainment venues went up exponentially, Malaysian guys from across the border like this freewheeling nightlife with discos, go-go clubs and countless restaurants.
Sadao Thailand girls in Bangkok Disco
Sadao Thailand girls in Bangkok Disco

The nightclub girls scene is not so big but one of the best in the world due to the combination of myriads of nice bar girls and several big night clubs which run under disco label plus plenty of karaoke fun, there are only a few gay clubs. With a fun and party atmosphere for hundreds of customers from Malaysia every night, who come from the south to enjoy this freewheeling disco environment. 

Hello Bangkok is the biggest disco in town
Hello Bangkok is the biggest disco in town


Pretty Thai women and laser show
Pretty Thai women and laser show

Here are places full of excitement and surprise

with young women from other parts of the country, usually the north, a ideal playground for adults. Here are definitely some of the hottest nightspots in the country, better than in Hat Yai and for sure matching Bangkok and Phuket but on a smaller scale.
Pretty butterflies and lady-boys
There are colorful shows with pretty “butterflies” some are ladyboys. Relax and get some pleasant cocktails or beers and enjoy southern sea food at many restaurants. The club and bar
the nightclub and bar scene
The nightclub and bar scene
scene is growing rapidly since the guys from the neighboring country are really hungry for the girls. There is not much going on across the border after the sun drifts away.
watching the show at the Bangkok disco
Watching the show at the Bangkok disco


Enjoy yourself with drinking, dancing and watching the show

it’s a whole night party. There are some good DJs playing mainly Thai songs. The places is rather a bit rotten but since it is very dark in there this won’t matter anyhow.  It’s the outstanding entertainment which is the most popular characteristic and the availability of pretty women

Hot Thai bar girls waiting for the guys


The doors are always open for the nightlife lovers, no dress code or anything like that only a breathtaking and relaxed atmosphere. The result of all these is, Sadao Danok is the top exotic night destination in the south already passed Hat Yai in popularity. All clubs have a rather low price structure and this throughout the scene it won’t matter if it is a disco, bar, nightclub or restaurant.

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