Hat Yai Nightlife

Hat Yai nightlife is so crazy fun!

While there are a few lunatic Islamist less people are coming in, most moved to Sadao Danok at the border to Malaysia. The reason is simple, there most people are Malaysians and since the terror in south Thailand is controlled from the other side of the border it is rather unlikely that the government down there allows to bomb their own people who have some fun across the border. 

Hat Yai Nightlife at Pink Lady Cafe
Hat Yai nightlife at Pink Lady Cafe

This two places in the very south of Thailand

nightclub show girl at Hat Yai
Nightclub show girl

with bars, nightclubs, go go, coyote,karaoke and other sexy entertainment are mainly serving clients from across the border. The night is sizzling, every evening hundreds of guys from there come to have fun.

In the south from here its rather boring after daylight disappears and the neon lights are switched on since Malaysia this is primarily Muslim country. That doesn’t means that there is absolute nothing going on, but in this northern region it’s just dull, the next interesting place for the them is Penang but thats more 200 km away. 

bar girls in the city center
Bar girls in the city center

The temptations for the guys beyond the border are in South Thailand and functions as a relief for for many guys who just are bored and want some entertainment.

sing and dance show at pink lady cafe
Sing and dance show at with Hat Yai girls at pink lady cafe

Dinner in the city center 

Chinese restaurant in Hat Yai Center.jpg
Chinese restaurant in the center opposite Lee Garden Hotel
dinner in the hat yai city center
Dinner at the Hat Yai city center

is dominated by Chinese flavor and sea food, there are several street foot stalls right in front of the Lee Garden Hotel (that’s the tallest in town) the offer great seafood in form of small lobsters, prawns and chicken.

bar with life music in the center
Bar with life music down town


fun inside -ppub-
Fun inside -ppub-

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