Thaniya Plaza Bangkok

Thaniya Plaza Bangkok is a Japanese domain.

This area is full with Japanese guys plus massage and karaoke girls, The business samurai from the northern islands need some fun from time to time and they get it at Thaniya Plaza in Bangkok. Around are restaurants, karaoke lounges and massage shops to give the tired men the right pleasure treatments. Other activities between girl and guys are done elsewhere or directly at the upper floors of the building where the young women are sitting in front at street level.

thaniya plaza bar girls
Thaniya plaza bar girls

Prices are high here, on the other hand you can find the prettiest Bangkok nightclub girls around, and they know where the money is. Japanese people are used to the very high prices of Tokyo etc., so they don’t care much about since prices here are still much lower than in Japan. 

The place is conveniently located just beside the “Skytain” station at Sala Daeng, Silom Road. Take the plaza exit since on the other side is to the Silom Shopping Complex. That is a very interesting shopping mall during daytime with lots of unique shops selling old cameras, books and other items.  It’s really amazing what they have on display in print considering the internet. 

The Thaniya mall is home of a couple of good galleries selling Thai painting. There are also probably two dozen golf shops with accessories and everything around golf including holidays and vacations. In the evening the place is transformed into little Tokyo.

It gets chaotic when hundreds of exotic Thai girls appear along the street, sit in front of the bars and massage parlors, to show how pretty they look. They are from the nightclubs behind them and in the upper floors of the buildings.

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