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Thai Bar Girls & great pictures

Thai bar girls bring Thailand nightlife moving because without them there is nothing happen unless there might be some show elements etc. Who likes to sit around in the evening and just getting some liquid into the system as it is in most places elsewhere, thats just boring.

Thousands of them move in at the evening in every tourist destination such as BangkokPattayaPhuket, Chiang Mai, Hat YaiSadao DanokHua Hin and other places, this are the nice ones trying to make the foreigners and locals happy. 

Thai Bar girls at Bangkok Nana Plaza
Thai Bar girls at Bangkok Nana Plaza

They are very good in creating a friendly atmosphere with fun, putting a smile on the face of the foreigner  when entering a bar at PatongBangla RoadPatpong , Nana PlazaSoi Cowboy, “Walking Street Pattaya” and elsewhere.

Thai bar girls at Soi Cowboy
At Soi Cowboy

Here you will find plenty of photos and videos of bar ladies.

nightclub in Bangkok Patpong
Bar girls at Soi Eric Patong Phuket
girls night out at soi cowboy
Girls night out at Soi Cowboy

bar girls dancing in Pattaya
Bar girls dancing in Pattaya
bar girls in Phuket
Bar girls in Phuket

Bar girls dancing in Hat Yai
Bar girls dancing in Hat Yai 
bar girls at tiger bar patong
Bar girls at Patong

bar girls pictures at soi cowboy
Bar girls pictures at Soi Cowboy

Thai speed dating drags plenty of attention to millions of guys from all over the world and the first contact most often is via some pretty bar ladies who very well know how to get the foreigners under control and in horizontal position to cash money afterwards.

Thai bar ladies at Phuket
Nightlife in Phuket
Thai bar ladies at Bangla Road
At Bangla Road

Bar ladies at Patong Bangla Road

Dancing at Bangla Road
Dancing at Bangla Road
Dancing at Bangla Road
Dancing at Bangla Road

It’s quite similar in Myanmar, Laos and Philippines. Many like this exotic and positive thinking young women and as usual they want something happen not only useless and endless babble.

Be aware that if you aren’t careful they trap you in a love bla-bla which has no realistic background the only idea is to pull money from you. It really needs to understand that in countries like this one people are only after money there are no other values and lying is so widespread it is actually the standard.

Where Do Bar Girls Come From?

singer in a karaoke bar
They come from the poor corners of the country where politics do everything to keep them as uneducated groups for manipulation.  In order to support families and the needs of them it needs to make money, now here we have the motivation and whatever anyone tells there is only one driving force and that is money and it is understandable considering the environs they live in.

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