Sexy Holiday

Thailand is the destination for sexy holiday there is no other country which can match.

Sexy holiday in Thailand are exactly what many men are searching for it’s quite unique, although there are other destinations they cant match. But this might change in the near future there is new one in the region with a interesting nightlife and girls, this is Myanmar.

Sexy holiday in Pattaya
Sexy holiday in Pattaya
This is Asian real time dating which is conterminously increasing in popularity, Thailand nightlife is an excellent example for this.

Speed dating in Phuket
Speed dating in Phuket 


Most men in search for pleasure holidays come to countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine and Myanmar or Burma, there they find the exotic stuff they are after it. Some want to build up a sincere relation but most won’t find that, connections are only money related, so better get some information first. 

girls pick up show
Girls pics and pick up show
The first thing to is check some bars and nightclubs, this are the best for a quick pick up results. There is for sure fun and pleasure but don’t think about love, this is a business relation they want your money and that’s it.

The young women who hang around

in the tourist centers and maybe work as dancer in a go-go club or beer bar, they usually have a poor background and very often are the hope of the whole family to strike it rich via a foreigner called “farang” since almost any Thai things a foreigner is a rich person such as a moving ATM machine where they only must press the button and money comes, this is no yoke, the people really think that seriously.
Bar girls are only one version of the sexy game, an excellent short time experience you can have by visiting one of the bigger massage saloons, a soapy one will be the right one and a happy ending is almost for sure. They have this in every bigger city in particular in Thai style hotels, not in the international lodgings, prices are from Baht 1500,- upwards. They have the same for men, they usually call is sauna club.

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