Khao San Road

Khao San Road is a big beer garden at night

Khao San Road is nothing special during the day. The place appeared on the Bangkok nightlife tourist backpacker “radar” with the book and movie ‘The Beach’ just like Phi-Phi Island did; it is amazing how some media can propel a destination into the spotlight. 

Today this walking street zone is a big beer garden garnished with some hotels, guesthouses, travel agents and shops, also many minibuses start from here to various destinations. It’s quite popular because everything travel related is compact available and no freelancers around who bother you also no exotic parties.

Khao San Road Bangkok
Khao San Road Bangkok

Located in the Banglamphu district not far from the Grand Palace it is quite off the center which is more or less Sukhumvit and the Silom – Surawong area. Untypically for Bangkok no bar girls are around in the night.

Khao San Road Fun
Khao San Road Fun

People say it is a good stay for travelers with tight budget but actually there is not much difference to other areas in the capital except there are more low priced guesthouses around. Combined with the low price of airline tickets today it makes the city available for the budget segment including cheap beer in the garden, no massage shops are around I only saw one place where small fishes are biting the skin off tourists feet.

Bangkok Nightlife in the beer garden
Bangkok nightlife in the beer garden

Since the place is close to many tourist attractions

among them Grand Palace and National Museum around Sanam Luang it could be interesting to start there to explore the city because the area is not connected to the to the public transport system such as BTS or Subway means it’ really far off.

Besides, the Grand Palace some of the most famous temple and monasteries are there such as Wat Arun and other.

some grooming at night
Grooming girls night out

In terms of nightlife the whole is a bit similar to Hua Hin, the advantage to of the seaside city is the beach. But it is a interesting place to pick up tourist girls on a night out like the pretty one above.

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