Karaoke Girls

The highlights in many Thai nightclubs are karaoke girl who entertain the men

Karaoke girls do it very good just as the customers like it by any means. This is another Thailand nightlife game to earn money with the men. Usually this happens in nightclubs called “Cafe” (actually this comes from Japan and the Thai copied it). 

karaoke show girls
Karaoke show girls

The place has a couple of “VIP” rooms and a stage on the main floor. They are singing at the stage and the guys who like them spend some flower garlands indicating they are interesting in the lady, she will come and sit down with “spender” and both will see what they can make together.

karaoke singer
Karaoke singer

Two of the best venues are in Phuket Town, 

Karaoke in Pink Lady 2002
Karaoke in Pink Lady 2002
Thai beauty at Pink Lady 2002
Thai beauty

one is Pink Lady 2002 and the other is Buddy Cafe there is around a dozen more. Nice places to drink some beers, enjoy a show and the pretty girls, it is also possible to take some of them home.

Singer at Buddy Cafe
Singer at Buddy Cafe
Phuket nightclub girls
Phuket nightclub girls

They have this nightclub singing in every bigger town in the country for many women it is the only possibility to earn money.

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