Girls Night Out

Nightclub girls night out happens every day an they like it

It is a total myth when people spreading rumors that the dont like the it, are squeezed into it etc. 

Girls night out at Patong
Girls night out at Patong
Thai Bar Girls at Patpong
Go-Go at Patpong

Thai and Patong bar girls are probably one of the best known on the planet. At Patong the center is Bangla Road with about a dozen Soi (small street) and yards with open air bar cluster branching off. Strange names such as Soi Crocodile or Katoey (means ladyboy in Thai language) , Seadragon, Eric,  and more. 

The best is probably Soi Eric, its not as chaotic as the other and they have one great advantage their music is the same for all 30 bars. At the other streets each one has its own music on full power, imagine what that brings.

Almost all places around are for picking up girl pick up also plenty of “freelancer” walk the street many just walk around and start some conversation with the guys to steal something from him or her. Never let them coming close to you this a real crooks and if something happen you have no chance to retrieve anything. But anyway this page is to bring fun and info.

Sometimes the ladies wear costumes, usually at Halloween and similar, see the pictures.   
Many of them are ladyboys and valuable disappear very quick when they are around. But its a great ambience and everyone is enjoying it. There are also plenty of restaurants and some shops around.  At the east end of Bangla Road is the Jung Ceylon shopping mall with the Millennium hotel. There are other hotels along the street and vicinity. It might be a good idea to take a hotel there if you go for a nightlife trip to Phuket.

Bangkok is the center of Thailand nightlife with

thousands of ladies working in the night shift, it’s not much different to Phuket or Pattaya there are only some variants such as dancing bar girls, go-go dancer and different shows. E.g. what you can see in the 2.floor clubs at Patpong you will hardly see elsewhere in Thailand. 

In general, never go in one of this places above the 2. floor, because above it gets criminal and this will bring you lots of problems. If you have a major problem anyway check with the police at the Surawong or Silom end of Patpong, there is a minibus with police personnel who also speaks English and they will help.

Around here are some of the most pretty women of the nightlife scene. 

Actually at Thaniya Plaza just about hundred meter away are also very pretty ones plus doing massage. They are after the Japanese guys who usually spend more money on nightlife pleasure than other people. The business Samurais are used to the much higher prices in Japan, its a Japanese dedicated micro cosmos.

There are also plenty of Japanese restaurants around and a internet cafe. Prices are high but food and service quite good.

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