Girls at Hat Yai

Girls at Hat Yai work as go-go dancer, bar girls, karaoke singer, in a lounge, a nightclub or as a freelancer in the city center. The women come from all over the country even from places in the far north east to earn some cash, there is not much going on in the north. Since the last bombs went off in the center people stay away and are visiting Sadao Danok instead at the border to Malaysia where they get the same, Thailand nightlife is active even in small towns.

It looks as if the terrorists and criminal gangs who make the deep south very unsafe will not touch this small border town since most foreigners there are Malaysians. They won’t kill people there because most are from across the border and the terror has very close connections to groups in Malaysia which won’t tolerate when there own people will be the victims but at Hat Yai most are Thai.

nightclub girls at Hat Yai
Nightclub girls at Hat Yai
nightclub girls at Hat Yai
Show girls at Pink Lady Hotel
Show Girls at Hat Yai
Show Girls at Hat Yai
Thai entertainment girls at Hat Yai
Thai nightlife at Hat Yai

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