Thailand’s Gay Clubs and Bars

At all nightspots in Thailand are gay clubs and bars.

Gay clubs are totally integrated into Thailand nightclub, often just beside lounges with women there is no much difference even in style of clothing, most have some tattoos and and expressive body formed in a gym. The guys are usually all above 20 years, they won’t be allowed to work when they are younger.

Gay Club in Pattaya
Gay Club in Pattaya

There are several types of meeting places , some are go-go, other are simple lounges to hang around and drink some beers. A bit different are “sauna clubs” where things happen right at location.

Sauna Club in Bangkok
Sauna Club in Bangkok

Every year thousands of gay and lesbian oriented, means men and women, come to the country of smile to have a good time. Here is a valve specifically for men from countries where they are suppressed.

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