Freelancer in the Nightshift

Freelancer in the night shift are at every tourist spots with some nightlife

Freelancer in Thailand nightlife, the first rule is stay away from them, most of this people are involved in criminal activities and many are so called “ladyboys” which mean if you take one of them the chance if very high that you get a bad surprise. 

If there is any conflict with one of them they immediately get violent and nobody will help you. Because police usually won’t take them serious and won’t do anything whatever happen. Since they always work in groups the stolen items disappear quickly because one of them will run away with them. 

freelancer at beach road Pattaya
Freelancer at beach road Pattaya

Quite common is that they will add some tranquilizer drops into your drink and after the strip you, this is happening every day.

At Patong Phuket Bangla Road
At Patong Phuket Bangla Road

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