Thai Food Court

Hungry in the night? A Thai food court with fast things to eat 

is the answer. In the Thailand nightlife scene food courts are popular places but usually a bit in the back where the rentals are cheaper, this is especially with seafood because it won’t need a big kitchen and cooking is quick.

This is also tropical lifestyle, no need for a roof, everything is open air and if sometimes rain is coming a bigger umbrella is quickly set up. In the country eating is a national pastime of local people are doing it constantly, especial women. 

Food court at Patong
Food court at Patong


Finding good seafood and other at a reasonable price is no problems. 

The variety is big and mainly differentiated into two sorts, seafood and other. Sometimes they even sell fried cockroaches, rats, grasshopper and various big beetles, locals are really eating is’s fast budget food.

Few countries in the world have such a concentrated, diverse and exotic food scene as this eateries in Thailand. At the tourist center a multi-ethnic mixture of people. If they want something special it’s better to visit specialised restaurants, there are many with culinary delights from all over world. But the favourite local food at this places comprise always seafood, pork, chicken, rice and various curries and other often very hot stuff. If you dont like hot tell them “my pet” which means not very spicy although they mostly just ignore it because without it this are peculiarities. 

busy open air restaurant
busy open air restaurant

Depending where you are, means maybe in south or north ethnic foods and local dishes join

the variety. At most places, that includes restaurants the dishes are quite small in size maybe enough for some kids but definitely not for adults this is also a encouragement to order a bit more.
At certain places, not in the tourist centers, they have Chinese cuisine, Indian and Malay plus salads and for vegetarian including a blend of all of this. In places such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Hat Yai Indonesian cuisine, Malaysian, Japanese, Vietnamese is also available.

Hawker centres with slimmed down dishes

are another interesting destination to explore, be very careful with street food the hygienics are not always as they should be. Popular among them is to wash the plates etc. the whole evening in the same water container, you can imagine how dirty that gets when they dont change the water. The reason is that at most hawker and street food vendors have no running water available.

good food to eat at Bangkok
Good food to eat at Bangkok but dont take meat and fish balls since often they throw the leftovers into


chicken and pork skewer are popular fast food
Popular Thai fast food
Thai food court in Bangkok
At a Thai food court in Bangkok
beetles grasshoppers and cockroach snacks
Beetles grasshoppers and cockroach snacks
beetles grasshoppers mugged and cockroach snacks
Beetles grasshoppers mugged and cockroach snacks
quick Thai snacks
Quick Thai snacks
plenty of proteins
Plenty of proteins
At a highway station in south Thailand
At a highway station in south Thailand
food court buffet style arrangement
Thai food court buffet style arrangement 
a Thai kitchen
A Thai kitchen
Thai food court with fish and chicken
Food court with fish and chicken
Street food in Bangkok
Street food in Bangkok

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