Bar girls in Phuket

Bar girls in Phuket come from every corner of the country.

Many just want to go away as far as possible from their home town to minimize the probability that someone see them working in the night-shift.

Thailand bar girls are somehow a synonym for having a good time in horizontal position; also other versions are possible as we know. This is nothing strange it’s on since thousands of years, so why some complain about it? 

In the tourist centers most of the guys visiting the bars, nightclubs and whatever are foreigners searching for a quickie.  But that’s by no means the majority in the business over all in the country, most are locals similar as in every Asian country, here are Phuket bar girls at Patong Bangla Road.

Bar girls at Bangla Road Patong Phuket
Bar girls at Bangla Road Patong Phuket

Some are doing the job manually under the table.

Since the former Siam is famous for all that pretty young women also come from other countries for a hit and run job if they look good and are clever they can get enough money from two clients to live for the whole month.  The center are Bangkok withPatong, Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, Thaniya Plaza, after it’s Pattaya where the center is “walking street” but with myriads of other places around for both gender.  Many women start a relationship with a foreigner for sexy holidays.

sexy holiday
Sexy holiday at Bangla Road Patong

Guys are attracted by the relaxed atmosphere

compared to elsewhere. Here it is flirting and fun with and just natural. Most holiday maker have a great time and visit Thailand again, but some of westerners don’t understand that for the women this is business and get trapped and dropped once enough money is pulled. The thing is, have fun but do not fall for any sweet talk she might whisper in your ears, that is part of the game. On top of it most have a Thai boyfriend in the back and they share the money, some of it also is sent to the family somewhere in northern Thailand. To sum it up, the game is money and nothing else.

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