Bar Girls in Pattaya

Bar Girls in Pattaya do exactly one thing entertain the foreigner.

Bar girls in Pattaya entertaining the foreigners and try to get him and her into horizontal position for some sexy stuff.

That really works, they nose thousands of tourists into this situation and the guys like it. The little problem is it becomes almost common that after the men go with them to the room they drop some tranquilizer into the drink and disappear with all valuables. To avoid falling into that trap never take freelancer with you if you only take girls from a go-go bar it’s ok because the people know here and there in no much escape, they will find here if something goes wrong. 

Pattaya bar girls
Pattaya bar girls

Pattaya is not only bars girls it has something for every kind of traveler, great beach scenery some interesting temples, and a pretty hinterland towards the Cambodian border.

The bar girls are just waiting for western men to pick up because that means money and some respect they don’t get from the Thai guys, in this country nobody has respect from the other.

go-go bar at walking street
Go-go bar at walking street

Now, to get a bit closer? Make eye contact with her, 

it will let her know that there is something in the pipe, after she probably will come over; it’s time to give it a try. Buy her a drink and get a bit closer the stuff after runs by itself because she went through already many times. The most important thing is forget how this stuff runs at home it’s different here and if you don’t free your mind from the stupidity you experience in your usual environment you can’t enjoy your sexy holiday

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